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The Voltex Heated Vest: Keeping You Warm Wherever You Are

It’s easy to grow tired of the constant cold during winter. Not to mention the bulk of having to wear many layers just to stay warm! This energy-efficient heated vest is the solution, offering a stylish look while providing all the warmth you need.

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For many people, staying warm during the wintertime is impossible without wearing layer upon layer of clothes. This leads to feeling trapped and looking bulkier than you might prefer! Nighttime brings its own set of challenges, with blankets weighing you down and making you feel trapped.

Combining energy efficiency with innovative heating technology inspired by NASA, Voltex created the heated vest to keep you both stylish and warm during those cold winter months! It is designed to be sleek and easy to use, revolutionizing your experience in cold weather.

With Voltex heated vests, there's no need to wear more than one jacket anymore!

Voltex Heated Vest: Easy to Use, Exceptional Warmth, and a Perfect Fit for Men and Women in Any Weather

Heated clothing like the Voltex heated vest keeps your body warm with the simple click of a power button. Here are some enhanced features you can expect from this vest:

Temperature Settings

Temperature Settings

With its three heating settings, these heated vests can be adjusted to suit your liking, so that you can choose the right amount of heat to keep you cozy. This overheating protection keeps users from accidents and burns.

Movable and Lightweight

Movable and Lightweight

Because the design of this heated jacket is so lightweight, it protects users from the cool air without restricting their movement, making the vest extra comfortable. It also takes up very little space in your luggage!

Easy to Control

Easy to Control

The Voltex vest is user-friendly and easy to operate due to its simple controls. Making these heated jackets a perfect fit for both men and women.

Lasting Warmth

Lasting Warmth

Unlike heated gloves that only cover extremities, the Voltex heated vest provides long-lasting warmth and insulation to your core, keeping your entire body toasty. The battery doesn’t need to be recharged often, which means less waiting and hours of warmth for the user!



Unlike a regular fleece vest, the Voltex vest will keep you warm as well as provide protection from the elements due to its weatherproof design. Come rain or snow, you will be dry and warm – and ready to join in on some winter fun.



This garment is designed to provide not only the maximum heat, but also the utmost comfort. This allows the Voltex heated vest to maintain an even amount of warmth - no more cold spots!

How Do These Heated Vests Deliver Heat To Keep Your Body Warm?

Besides the innovative heating systems, another major advantage of Voltex heated vests is how easy they are to use.

With a few simple steps, the vest can be switched on and temperatures can be adjusted.


Red Light

45°C (113°F)


White Light

35°C (95°F)


Blue Light

25°C (77°F)

Once turned on and the desired temperature is selected, the heating pads that the Voltex vest is equipped with takes just a few seconds to heat up. This means that users are warmed up almost instantly. The heating zones that are targeted by the heating pads in the vest includes:

✔ Flanks

✔ Waist

✔ Mid-Back

✔ Neck/Collar

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Sizing is highly inclusive and suitable for all body types, ranging between XXS to 4XL.

  • With a combination of a long battery life and an innovative heating system, the Voltex heated vest can provide heat at the maximum temperature for up to three hours. There is also the Comfort setting, which can last for up to seven hours, and the Energy Saving mode, which lasts up to sixteen hours.

  • This vest is tear and scratch-proof, making it one of the most durable heated vests on the market.

  • Voltex heated vests warm up in under five seconds, providing those who suffer from the cold near-instant relief.

  • The Voltex company offers users a money-back guarantee of up to 30 days after purchase if the item arrives damaged or faulty.

Why Users Around the World Love This Cozy Clothing Innovation with Advanced Heating Technology

Feeling warm while still looking fashionable has never been easier thanks to the heated clothing technologies used by Voltex. No more dreading future winters! Invest in a Voltex heated vest and stay cozy all year round, regardless of your environment or room temperature.

Additionally, Voltex heated vests are much cheaper than things like solar panels and geothermal heat pumps - and can be taken wherever you go.

However, because of its immense popularity, the Voltex heated vest is selling out fast and stocks for this ingenious product are limited.

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Order Yours Before They Sell Out!

Be sure to order your Voltex heated vest before inventory runs out! The Voltex heated vest can only be ordered from the official site and is not available via other e-commerce sites such as eBay or Amazon.

To ensure you get the authentic product (as opposed to cheap copycats from other brands) do the following:

  1. Follow this link to visit the official Voltex website.
  2. Get up to 60% OFF with the limited-time discount.
  3. Cozy up with your brand new Voltex heated vest!

PRO TIP: Bulk purchases with Voltex result in fantastic deals! Additionally, unsatisfied customers may be eligible for a money-back guaranteed for up to 30 days after their purchase. Contact Voltex for a full refund!

Voltex: Combining an Innovative Heating System with Style